Commercial Uses For A Pole Barn

Commercial Uses For A Pole Barn

A pole barn is built with poles embedded in the ground and sits on a concrete foundation. It is supported by horizontal girts and a system of trusses that allows it to support the weight of the building and to have a large amount of open space.

Pole barns are versatile buildings that can be used in a wide variety of ways. They are typically used on farms to store vehicles, equipment, and feed or to shelter animals. Pole barns can also be used as residences and for commercial purposes. Many people do not realize that pole barns are ideal for several specific types of businesses.

Office Space

A pole barn is a good choice for a company that needs more office space. A post frame building offers space and convenience and can be constructed quickly, making it a good choice for a growing business. Pole barns are energy-efficient since they can be well insulated, which makes them a good choice for a place where people will be working all day.


A pole barn is also a good choice to use as a warehouse. A pole barn does not need a center support since the weight of the roof is supported by the trusses in the ceiling. This leaves a wide open area in the center of the building that can be used for storage of products and equipment. A pole barn warehouse can be customized for the specific needs of the company.

Vehicle Repair Shop

A business that assembles products or repairs vehicles can also benefit from a pole barn’s large, open floor plan. A pole barn is an ideal choice for any type of business that does work involving heavy equipment or that manufactures large numbers of products because of the wide open area in the center.

Auto Dealership

Car dealerships and showrooms are often constructed from pole barns since they offer wide open spaces and high ceilings. This makes it easy to move cars, trucks, and motorcycles into the building so they can be put on display. Offices can be included for administrative staff members to use.

Get an Estimate for Construction of a Pole Barn for Your Business

Pole barns are ideal for many commercial functions. They offer a large amount of open space that is necessary in certain types of businesses and can be constructed in a fraction of the time required for other types of buildings.

CHA Pole Barns has designed and built pole barn buildings that have been used for many types of businesses. If you want to open an office, showroom, warehouse, or repair business, a pole barn is an excellent choice. Contact CHA Pole Barns to get an estimate for a new commercial pole barn.

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