Why Pole Buildings Are a Cost-Effective Option for Equestrian Facilities

If you own one or more horses, you know that caring for them requires a lot of work. You also understand that they need plenty of space, and you need room to store feed, hay, saddles, bridles, and other supplies and equipment.

Some horse owners don’t have a building that’s large enough to accommodate their horses and therefore board them at another location. Those fees can add up. On top of that, if you board your horses somewhere else, you’ll have to pay for gas and put wear and tear on your vehicle whenever you want to visit them. Building a pole barn on your property is a more cost-effective option.

Design a Custom Pole Barn for Your Equestrian Needs

Pole barn kits come in a variety of sizes, and they can be used for a wide range of applications. You can select a building that’s large enough to comfortably shelter the number of horses you currently have. You can also plan ahead and construct a pole barn with additional space. That way, you’ll be prepared if you have more horses in the future.

The interior of a pole barn can be designed to suit your specific requirements. Once you’ve figured out how many stalls you need, you can decide how large they should be and how to arrange them to best use the space. You can also design the pole barn with separate areas to store equipment, feed, and hay.

A pole barn can be customized with other features that will keep your horses safe and healthy. Good ventilation inside the barn can prevent respiratory problems and help the horses stay comfortable in the summer. You can decide how many windows you want in your pole barn and where to place them to maximize airflow.

You’ll need one or more doors that are large enough for your horses to move in and out easily. You can choose doors that are raised and lowered or ones that you can slide to open and close. Your pole barn can also be insulated to keep your horses warm in the winter and outfitted with other optional features.

Get a Quote for a Custom Horse Barn

CHA Pole Barns offers turnkey designs, but we also understand that each customer has unique needs. Our team can work with you to design a custom pole building that you can use as an equestrian facility. Building a pole barn can be a cost-effective way to provide shelter for your horses and allow you to spend time with them whenever you want. Contact us today to learn more.

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