What Type of Pole Barn Suits Your Project?

If you’ve researched the options when it comes to new outbuildings on your farm or property, you may have already discovered the advantages of a pole barn. They can be built quickly and relatively easily at a lower cost than other types of fixed structures. At the same time, they’re highly customizable.

Here are some factors you may wish to consider before you finalize the plans on your pole barn:

How Quickly Can My Pole Barn Be Built?

While the answer to this depends on a number of different factors (the season, the building site, the configuration of your chosen design), in some cases, pole barns can be built inside a day or two. This means you’re up and running quickly with a built-to-suit structure.

Should I Insulate My Pole Barn?

This will depend on your intended usage for the building. For livestock or other temperature-sensitive contents, insulation is important to keep the structure warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A variety of insulation packages are available, including R-19, R-13, and R-10.

How Should the Interior Be Finished?

Interiors can be finished in many different finishes to complete the look you’re seeking, or to suit the purpose of the building. To get some ideas, visit CHA’s project portfolio page to see some of the projects we’ve completed for satisfied customers.

What Amenities Do I Need?

Depending on your intended use for the pole barn, you may choose to have electric, plumbing, HVAC, and other amenities installed.

What Are My Options for Doors?

That depends on your intended use for the barn. You can choose between garage-style doors, sliding doors and entry doors available in both 6-Panel and 9-Lite. Garage doors come in many different options, sizes, and colors. and can be two inches shorter than building height, and include window sections, decorative inserts, and insulation, if needed.

What Color Scheme Options Do I Have?

Your color scheme is up to you, as most materials come in a variety of tones. At CHA Pole Barns, we offer you a barn color modeler to plan the color scheme of your pole building including the roof, siding, doors, trim and wainscot. Color choices include charcoal, ivory, stone, crimson red and evergreen.

What Other Styles Are Available?

There are a number of ways you can add unique design touches to your pole barn. There is a multitude of options with roof lines so you can achieve the look you want, including a porch appearance. Wainscoting is an inexpensive way to dress your building’s appearance, and cupolas (with or without windows) are another way to add a classy finishing touch to your structure.

CHA services customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia. Whatever your needs, CHA can provide you with a pole barn that’s both attractive and highly functional.

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