Which Type of Door Is Right for Your Pole Barn?


Pole barns can be customized based on the owner’s needs and how the building is going to be used. One important area to consider is the door. Pole barns can be built with sliding, overhead, and hydraulic doors. There are several factors to consider when deciding which type of door would be best for your pole barn.

Sliding doors are the least expensive option. They require more work to open than other doors, but they are a good choice if you won’t need to move tools or equipment in and out of your pole barn regularly. Sliding doors make less noise than other types, which makes them a good choice for horse barns because they are less likely to spook the horses.

Sliding doors can be one or two pieces. They can be mounted on the outside or inside of the building. Mounting them on the inside can help in a cold climate because they will be less likely to become blocked by snow and ice. Sliding doors come with steel or steel and aluminum framing.

An overhead door opens upward. While it is more expensive than a sliding door, an overhead door is a good choice if you are going to need to use it frequently. An overhead door can be opened manually or electronically. Overhead doors can be as much as 40 feet wide to move large equipment. They can be customized with windows or painted to resemble wood.

Hydraulic doors are large, wide, and heavy-duty. They swing open and are commonly used for agricultural and commercial buildings. They are used less for suburban and equestrian buildings because there is generally no need for such a large door.

Hydraulic doors can be one or two pieces. A single-piece hydraulic door can swing straight out if the hinges are at the top. Some swing partially into the building. A raised hydraulic door can provide shelter from rain or the hot sun. People often install lights inside the door to provide lighting when it is raised.

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