Tips to Keep Your Pole Barn Home Energy Efficient

For property owners who need permanent, affordable barns or outbuildings to store equipment or keep farm animals, pole barns are a great choice. They’re adaptable and highly usable, they can be easily partitioned into separate rooms, stalls and storage space, and they can be constructed quickly and easily.

Pole barns can be built in a variety of sizes to accommodate all property owners’ needs, and their versatility means they can be adapted to changing needs in the future.

Purchasing a pole barn versus stick built or steel frame can be the most cost-effective option for property owners while still providing the option to design for personal tastes and property needs.

Pole barns allow you to build a professional and attractive architectural style barn without the need for a poured concrete foundation. This gives a pole barn advantages in speed, ease, and economy since extensive site preparation is unnecessary. Additionally, owners can expect a long life from them: pole barns have a usable life expectancy of 60 to 80 years.

How Do You Keep It Energy Efficient?

Like any building, a pole barn can be designed for maximum energy efficiency with a little preplanning. Energy saving features might include:

Insulation. Whatever you’re keeping in your barn, whether it’s equipment, plant matter or livestock, allowing it to freeze or overheat isn’t a good idea. In the summer, barns can be places of high humidity and solar radiation (the “black globe” measurements) which can put stress on any humans or animals in the barn. Luckily, pole barns are easier to insulate than steel frame barns, and proper insulation extends the life of the pole barn.

Extra features. To help with heating, cooling, and venting, pole barns can be electrified, allowing for heating, cooling and fans, and fitted with electric doors as well as custom window designs for maximum energy efficiency. A pole barn company can help you design your ideal building to stand up to both winter cold and summer heat, as well rain and other precipitation.

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