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Just because you finished installing a pole barn doesn’t mean you are finished. Yes, the tough labor may be finished but there is still the matter of protecting the building and its contents. Just because a pole barn isn’t your home or office doesn’t mean it can survive without insurance. If you have expensive equipment in your pole barn and a fire should burn it down, guess who’s paying for the replacement cost? That’s right, you are.

At CHA Pole Barns we want you to be aware of the dangers that exist and what you can do to protect your pole barn and your equipment from damage and loss.

First off, if you are having a pole barn built on your property make sure the construction company doing the installation is fully insured. If a worker gets hurt on your property you could held liable and medical bills aren’t cheap. Always ask any contractor if they have proof of insurance. You should also check with your insurance agent to ensure your homeowner’s insurance covers liability just in case something bad happens. You don’t want to be caught off guard and construction often has its fair share of slips and falls.

Next, depending on what your pole barn is used for, there are a number of insurance options you need to consider. If you are using it as a storefront you are basically saying it is a business and for that you will need commercial property and commercial liability insurance to protect your business. If you are selling farm fresh produce you also want to look into food spoilage insurance as well as business interruption insurance in case bad weather forces you to close for a period of time.

Next you need to consider the likelihood of an accident or natural disaster. Fire, floods and storms can turn a pole barn into a pile of wood in no time and if you don’t have insurance you can say good-bye to your post-frame building. Speak to your insurance representative and find out what is most important to you and then make the best decisions when it comes to insuring your pole barn.

If a pole barn is vital to your farm or business, do the right thing and get the insurance you need.

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