Tips for Choosing a Pole Barn Kit


Pole barns are an economical choice to provide additional storage on your property and pole barn kits are a great investment. There are a variety of pole barn kits to choose from, so here are some tips to help you select a pole barn kit that will work well on your property:

Tip 1: Compare costs – prices range so make sure you compare prices for the size you need and the features you want.

Tip 2: DIY pole barn kits – you can build your own pole barn with a kit that comes with all the materials you need. When ordering a pole barn kit, make sure it comes with premium grade lumber, metal roofing, trim, fasteners, entry and overhead doors and windows with a blueprint and construction outline.

Tip 3: Pole barn builders – if you prefer to have your pole barn built by a professional company, find a licensed builder known for quality and craftsmanship with an experienced crew and foremen.

Tip 4: Roofing options – painted metal roofing may cost more than standard roofing, but silver roofing may leave the pole barn cooler in the summer.

Tip 5: Choose the right pole barn for your location – you may want to invest in structural additions to handle heavy snow loads or metal roofing and siding to handle hurricane force winds.

Tip 6: Pick the options to create the ideal pole barn – from extra doors to attic lofts, wood or vinyl siding and wainscoting for curb appeal, determine the options you need before ordering your pole barn kit.

Tips 7: Check local zoning and building codes – there may be specific guidelines about building a pole barn on your property so check with local zoning agencies.

The final tip is to select a pole barn provider you can trust. CHA Pole Barns offers a wide variety of high quality, economical pole barn kits delivered free with all the materials needed for construction, from the trusses to metal roofing and siding. Each kit comes with higher grade premium lumber, galvalume metal roofing and trims, fasteners, entry and overhead doors and windows, with detailed blueprints and construction guides.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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Thank you for everything.  You run a professional operation the likes which I have not seen in many years.  You will always have a friend in NY!

Johnny G.