Tips for Adding Plumbing to a Pole Barn

Tips for Adding Plumbing to a Pole Barn

While a pole barn makes a perfectly acceptable shed, these buildings, truly, can be so much more. Because of their sturdy shape and versatile design, you have the option to turn one into a small home, a horse barn, or a work space, which, in all cases, could mean you’ll need running water.

As a result, in the process of setting up your shelter or modifying it at a later date, consider these tips, whether you do the project on your own or in conjunction with a professional:


Although your shelter will need pipes, a sink, or a spigot of some kind, you don’t just start laying down plumbing and hope it will all work out. Instead, in preparation, make sure you:

Beginning the Project

At the start, no matter where the faucets will be, make sure that you dig at least six inches below the frost line. From here:

Before you even install pipes, make sure you’ve got a pole barn suiting your vision. To begin, work with CHA Pole Barns to create such a structure, down to the doors and space required. For any questions or assistance, contact our team to learn more.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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