Three Reasons You Should Build a Pole Barn for Your Horses

If you own horses (or plan on owning horses), you’ll know this basic fact: they’re large animals. Just like humans, they need adequate shelter and protection and a place to feel secure. If your current stabling facilities aren’t up to the task, you may be faced with creating a new space. If so, you should consider the affordable versatility of a pole barn. This practical building method has a number of benefits for agricultural applications and is particularly suited for equestrian needs for a variety of reasons.

It’s The Most Affordable Option

Purchasing a pole barn versus stick built or steel frame can be the most cost-effective option for horse owners while still providing the option to design for personal tastes.

Pole barns allow you to build a professional and attractive architectural style barn without the need for a poured concrete foundation. This gives a pole barn advantages in speed, ease and economy, since extensive site preparation is unnecessary. Additionally, owners can expect long life from them: pole barns have a usable life expectancy of 60 to 80 years.

It’s the Most Versatile Option

Simply put, pole barns are the most adaptable and usable design for horses (and many other applications as well!) They can be easily partitioned into separate rooms, stalls and storage space for hay and tack as needed, and they can be constructed quickly and easily.

horse pole barn

An equestrian pole building can be built in a variety of sizes to accommodate several horses. Experts recommend building a larger space than you need today so you have the facilities available if you acquire more horses in the future. A pole barn is also a great option for creating an indoor riding arena, and its versatility means you can raise the roof high enough for jumping.

You Can Pick the Doors That Are Right for You

Depending on how you plan to use your pole barn and move horses into and out of it, you may require a flexible variety of door options. With a pole barn, you can opt for a single or split sliding door, Dutch doors, or overhead doors that can be operated with an electric garage door opener. (And yes, electricity is easily installed in a pole horse barn.)

CHA Pole Barns can work with you to customize a design for an equestrian pole barn that suits your needs and tastes exactly. We can help you decide on the right size, style, and features to match your needs.

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