The Energy Efficiency of Pole Buildings: Benefits for Your Wallet and the Environment

Whether it’s a livestock barn, a storage building, a garage or a man-cave or she-shed, many people are finding that pole barn constructions are a great way to save money while adding a new building to their property, particularly on labor and building costs.

There are, however, even more ways that pole barns can save you money, particularly where energy efficiency is concerned.

Utility Costs Are High and Getting Higher

Rising inflation may be causing the price of groceries to soar, but they have also sent utility costs up. In 2022, consumers paid, on average, 14.3 percent more for electricity than they did in 2021. This jump is more than double the overall 6.5 percent rise in prices, according to Consumer Price Increase (CPI) data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In fact, Americans are now spending an average of $429.33 per month on utilities, Forbes has estimated. This works out to about $5,151.96 annually just for utilities, or about 10 percent of the average yearly income, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey by the U.S. BLS.

Are you interested in reducing your utility costs? If you answered “yes,” then an energy-efficient design is your best hedge against escalating prices. A post frame building or pole barn construction can minimize energy consumption and help you realize tangible savings.

How Can Pole Barns Help with Utility Costs?

Pole barn buildings generally feature large wall cavities that can be filled with insulation. These insulated wall cavities have fewer breaks, which results in better energy efficiency. (Post frame buildings usually feature support posts that are eight feet apart, compared to stick frame buildings which usually feature framing pieces that are only 16 inches apart.) In addition, pole barns feature a deeper space between the outer walls and the inner paneling, which offers additional space for insulation.

And while pole buildings generally have high ceilings, which can be a strong loss point for heat, your pole barn can be roofed with a reflective radiant barrier that will contain heat and provide considerable utility savings over time. Look for a pole barn construction company that offers Energy Star-rated building materials.

How Do Pole Barns Help the Environment?

Properly built and insulated, a pole barn building can be as efficient as other types of buildings, but they are far less energy intensive to build. Wood is a renewable resource, so it’s more eco-conscious than other types of building materials, and usually requires less energy to transport. There is little to no destruction of the building site with a pole barn, and when you’re finished with it, many of the materials used to build it can be recycled.

CHA Pole Barns Will Maximize the Efficiency of Your Structure

When you choose a professional company to design and build your pole barn, you can ensure you’re building to the highest possible standards for energy efficiency.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based CHA Pole Barns has been serving Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia for many years. To learn about how they can help you design the right pole barn for you, visit their web site for an online quote or call 717-687-6673.

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