Roof Designs Available For Pole Barns


Pole barns can be customized to match a property owner’s individual needs. The way you plan to use your pole barn will influence many factors, including the roof design.

The most common choice is the traditional gable roof. This simple design is both effective and affordable. The most commonly requested slopes are between 2/12 and 8/12. Pole barns with gable roofs are used for a wide variety of functions, including garages, shops, homes, and barns. If you have a tight budget and are looking for a standard design, a gable roof could be the right choice for you.

A monitor roof has a tall center section that allows tall objects to be stored in the center. This also makes it possible to install doors on both ends so that vehicles can drive through the pole barn, which makes a monitor roof a good choice if you are planning to use your building to store an RV. A monitor roof design works well with stall kits, making it a good choice if the building is to be used as a horse barn. Pole barns with monitor roofs are available in clearspan or interior pole-supported designs. A center loft can be added. A pole barn with a monitor roof can also be used as a home.

Pole barns with higher gambrel roofs are less common. Since this is an older design, a pole barn with a gambrel roof can add character to your property. This design costs slightly more per square foot than other roof designs. Cupolas and widow’s peak options work well with pole barns with gambrel roofs.

Single slope or lean-to buildings are also popular. These are typically used as animal shelters and sheds.

Hipped roof designs are similar to gable roofs. These are typically used in pole barns that serve as homes or garages.

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