Preparing Pole Barns for Summer

Preparing Pole Barns for Summer

Anyone who works on a farm or agricultural plot knows how hot summers can get. From Pennsylvania to Virginia, the heat can sometimes top 100 degrees Fahrenheit and with a high humidity it can make for sweltering conditions. Now imagine you are working in a pole barn with no vents or A/C. Even worse, imagine cattle, horses and livestock being kept in these suffocating conditions.

If you’re looking to customize your post frame building for the brutal summers, follow some tips that will make it easier.
One option is to install either a window air conditioning unit or central air. Depending on the needs of your building it often comes down to budget. However, if you have farm hands who will be working in the pole barn or will be using it to store livestock it is in your best interest to make conditions as comfortable as possible. Installation is not hard and can be completed in a day.

If you don’t use the pole barn building that often but still want to keep it from feeling like a steam bath, construct air ducts and vents that will help circulate the warm air. You may also want to add ceiling fans that can keep the temperature at a moderate level. Remember, some equipment and machinery may malfunction if kept in stifling conditions so do what you can to make the interior of your pole barn as comfortable as possible.

Another option is to install large doors and windows that will help air circulate throughout the building. A closed structure leaves hot air nowhere to go but if you have large windows and open barn doors you can at least keep the air moving to prevent it getting too hot in the pole barn.

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