Preparing A Pole Barn for Winter

Pole barns are some of the most versatile buildings that you can have. You can use pole buildings for barns, garages, horse barns, retail and commercial buildings. Of course, part of owning and maintaining a pole barn is making sure the structure is ready for the colder winter months. Here are a few tips to keep your pole barn structurally sound and safe during the colder seasons.

Clean the Gutters

Gutters in the wintertime are what lead to ice dams, and ice dams lead to damage and danger. If your post-frame building has a gutter system it is imperative that you thoroughly clean the gutters after all the leaves have fallen to prevent clogs. Frozen ice trapped in gutters can lead to water, and water will leak through the ceiling.

Insulation Is Key

No matter what you use your pole barn for, insulation is key during the winter months to maintain the integrity of its contents. If you use a pole barn for livestock, inefficient insulation can cause inhumane conditions. What’s more, cold temperatures can do damage to machines and other items stored in a pole barn. Inefficiency leads to expensive replacement costs. Insulate the necessary areas so that energy costs are kept low while maintaining the usefulness and compliance of your pole barn.

Check Your Footings

While this is something that should be considered prior to building, make sure your poles and footings have been placed below the frost line. If you do not put the poles below the frost line, this can lead to a pole or footing becoming dislodged, making the pole barn structurally unsound.

Remember, the life expectancy of your pole barn is 60-80 years, so winterizing your pole barn is the best way to protect your investment during the colder months. If you’re unsure of where to start, or if tackling the project on your own seems overwhelming, call a professional, which can provide you with everything you need to get your pole barn winter ready.

CHA Pole Barns can help you keep the cold out and protecting your pole barn and its contents safe and secure this winter. Contact us for winterizing options and let us take the guesswork out of protecting your investment.

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