Preparing Land for Pole Barn Installations

Preparing Land for Pole Barn Installations

The first thing to do before installing a pole barn is preparing the land. When proper site prep is done, you’ll be able to install a healthier pole barn that needs less maintenance and will provide many years of service.

There are many factors that go into preparing a pole barn building site. You should start by calling 811 before you dig. This source can help ensure you won’t hit any utilities when excavating or digging.

You want to choose the best location for your pole barn, a flat surface on higher ground where the water will naturally flow away from it. If your choices are limited to a low lying area, make a swale to divert water away from the building.

Site preparation for a pole barn involves removing any trees or shrubs that are in the way. Clear the pole barn site of trees or bushes using a chain saw or axe. Cut away as much of the root system of the trees and bushes as possible.

Clear away grass in what is to be the floor of the pole barn by skimming the top inch of soil away with a shovel.

Use the compactor to firmly pack the floor of the pole barn to remove excess air from the soil and create a hardened substrate in which weeds will have a difficult time taking root after the pole barn is built.

Leveling the building site isn’t too complicated. Often all you need to do is move soil from the high spots over to the low.

Proper site preparation may cost a little more upfront but saves you money and headaches in the long run.

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We are very pleased with the quality of the materials used in this building. I cannot say enough about Steve and his crew. Their workmanship is superb! The speed with which the building was constructed is amazing.

We are so glad we chose CHA!

Donald Haga