Post Frame Buildings And Their Many Uses

Post Frame Buildings And Their Many Uses

Post frame buildings, also known as pole buildings, are durable and affordable structures that can be used for residential and commercial use. Many industries including mining, construction and agriculture can benefit from a solid post frame building constructed by the expert craftsmen at CHA Pole Barns. Post frame buildings can be made from engineered wood or metal and offer many advantages over traditional barns and buildings.

By choosing a post frame building over a traditional barn or storage building, you save money on materials and installation time. Pole buildings are erected much quicker than regular barns and fewer materials are needed to complete construction. This saves you money that would be going to extra materials and the cost of labor for carpenters to be working on site. Pole buildings feature posts that are spaced farther apart than stud-wall construction studs which creates a larger wall cavity that can be used for more insulation making your pole building more energy-efficient in the summer and winter when heating and cooling costs can run high.

Another benefit to a post-frame building is the options it affords for exterior additions. Traditional wood-frame construction limits your building in terms of enhancements and additions. Many wood frame buildings only give the single option of one look while a post frame building allows for custom additions to the exterior including extra doors, windows and overhangs. When you’re in a commercial business that involves storage and you are expanding you can easily adapt a post frame building to incorporate extra delivery space and more garage room to handle the increase in business. This versatility is essential for businesses that are ready to grow.

When you factor in the cost-effectiveness and energy-efficient attributes of a post frame building you’ll understand why so many homeowners and businesses are opting for pole buildings instead of wood-frame construction barns and storage sheds. CHA Pole Barns has the skill and experience to custom plan and build a durable and affordable post frame building in many Mid-Atlantic States including Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

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I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you. I am still in shock that the guys built that barn in one day! The quality and workmanship are unmatched, the time frame was shorter than expected. I am extremely satisfied with the barn! Thank you so much!

Deb Settle