Pole Building Design Tips to Keep Rodents Away

A pole barn that is well designed and constructed can last for decades and provide storage space, a place to house animals, or even a home for your family. If a pole barn becomes infiltrated by rodents, however, it can become severely damaged and may even become unusable. Here are some things to keep in mind if rodents are an issue where you live.

How Rodents Can Damage a Pole Barn

Rats and mice can chew wood in the structure, cardboard boxes stored inside, and electrical wires. If you store vehicles inside a pole barn, rodents may chew on wires and cause a vehicle to be unable to start when you need it. That could cause not only an inconvenience but also expensive repair bills. Rodents may leave urine and droppings that can cause unpleasant smells, contaminate animal feed, and make humans sick. For these reasons, when designing a pole barn, it is critical to consider the possibility that rodents will try to get inside it and build the dwelling with this in mind.

How to Protect Your Pole Barn from Rodents

A pole barn doesn’t necessarily need a concrete slab foundation, but this can help keep rats and mice out. Rodents can try to burrow their way into a building, but a concrete slab can provide an impervious layer of protection.

If you plan to use your pole barn to shelter horses or livestock or to store vehicles and farm equipment, you will need large doors. You might not be able to stop rodents from scurrying in while the doors are open, but you can reduce the risk of incursions while they are closed. Sliding doors do not seal tightly enough to keep rodents out. Overhead doors provide better protection from rats and mice.

Gaps in siding can provide rodents with easy access to your pole barn. If the building has steel siding, attaching base trim to the splash planks can seal the bottom edge of the siding to keep pests out. Be sure to put blocks of wood where the splash planks intersect at the corners. You should also use inside closure strips to keep rats and mice from squeezing through small openings.

Choose the Right Pole Barn Design

If you plan to build a pole barn, particularly in a rural area, rodents are an unfortunate reality. They can cause widespread and expensive damage to both a pole barn and its contents. Fortunately, some simple steps can protect your possessions from rats and mice.

CHA Pole Barns can help you design a building in the size and style that best suit your needs. We have the experience and expertise to understand how to keep rodents out. Contact us today to get an estimate for a new pole barn.

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