Pole Barns vs. Traditional Barns

Pole Barns vs. Traditional Barns

When you need a dependable storage building for residential or commercial use you have two options: a pole barn building or a traditional barn. Both structures have their benefits but for a cost-effective and fast solution, a pole barn might be your best bet.

While traditional barns are sturdy structures capable of lasting for years it takes a lot of time to plan and build a full barn. It’s also a lot more expensive than a pole barn building and if you are on a budget the cost of a traditional barn may be out of your range. When deciding on whether or not to go with a pole barn building or traditional barn, know in advance how much you can afford to pay for a storage building so you make the best decision based on your available funds.

Traditional barns can take weeks at a time to build. Like homes there is a detailed process that includes laying the foundation, building the frame and adding walls and a roof that can take time to complete. If you are in a hurry to get a storage building on your commercial or residential property then waiting for a traditional barn may take too long.

Pole barn buildings, on the other hand, can sometimes be designed and installed in just one day and this is an important factor for people who need a fast shelter solution. A well designed and constructed pole barn building will be just as sturdy and dependable as a traditional barn and when all is said and done often comes out to be a fraction of the cost. Another benefit to choosing a pole barn over a traditional barn is that pole barns can be modified even after it is built whereas a traditional barn might not have the flexibility for additions.

If you are considering putting a pole barn building at your work site or home contact the experienced and professional builders and CHA Pole Barns. We operate in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia and can help you get the right pole barn storage building for your specific needs.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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I just wanted to thank everyone for an outstanding job with my garage. The construction crew and door installer were very professional and are very good at what they do. I look forward to many  years of using this fine building.

Jim Moss