Are Pole Barn Houses Safe? Absolutely!

Unique home architectures designs have long been admired by contractors, decorators and home buyers. Characteristics unique to a time period, or that have functional and design elements which are pleasing to the eye are some of the more popular types of homes on the market. A recent increase in rustic home decor has also seen the popularity of barn style homes increasing.

But these homes are just great because of their rustic charm. Pole barn houses are also really great, economical styles to create a home with.

The term may frighten some into thinking they would be living in a damp, dark place lined with hay, but pole barn houses, also known a post frame buildings, are actually a well respected style home among construction professionals.

From breathtaking picturesque interiors to inspiring layouts — pole barn houses are sure to be seen in more neighborhoods in the future.


If maximizing usage of space is your goal, a pole barn house is the way to go. These structures are able to mix garage and home living space on different levels of the home and create an open layout unlike other home designs of the past.

A pole barn house is also a great choice if you’re looking to save some money. These buildings use poles buried into the ground and spaced out using boards and then finished with a roof, panels and other components to complete the home.


While there may be some apprehensions to living in a pole barn house, there are numerous reasons that pole barn houses are actually a safe place to live.

Working with experienced professionals and ensuring all building materials and procedures are done up to code is key.

You’ll want to have that trust in the unfortunate event of a fire or other disaster— that proper precautions were made and you and your home is protected. Large structures may even use sprinkler systems — so fear on safety issues shouldn’t hold you back from getting the home of your dreams.

CHA Pole Barns makes post frame buildings that you can count on. We combine years of experience with the finest in building materials and our commitment to buildings that exceed structural standards truly sets us apart from the competition.


I just wanted to thank everyone for an outstanding job with my garage. The construction crew and door installer were very professional and are very good at what they do. I look forward to many  years of using this fine building.

Jim Moss