Pole Barn or Carport: What’s the Difference?

Pole Barn or Carport: What’s the Difference?

As you shop around for a backyard shed, you may come across two types of buildings: Carports and pole barns. Many might say they’re extremely similar – indeed, both use steel within their construction – but commonalities end there. Rather, instead of looking at which shelter has more benefits than the other, consider how the structure suits your specific needs.

In general, a carport refers to a structure with a valance roof designed with a peak or flat surface. Sides are open, allowing for a vehicle to pass in an out. Generally, these vehicles can be permanent or temporary, depending upon how you install them.

By contrast, a pole barn is a fully enclosed structure with a door that you open. Although it can house cars, its possibilities are endless, especially if you set up a larger building.


Are you looking to build a shed where you can work on projects for hours? Although carports provide such functionality, there might be a point in which you get tired of dragging the space heater out to the shelter.

With pole barns, rather, the solid walls can easily be modified for insulation. Usually, this involves adding a layer all along the interior to retain heat not just when you’re working but also throughout the year.


Both shelters offer adaptable designs, but what you can do varies:


How long do you expect to have your shelter? Carports, even with upkeep, last about 15 to 20 years when they’re a fully galvanized steel structure. Ones with powder-coated poles usually last less time, especially when you leave the shelter outdoors 24-7.

On the other hand, many carports are taken out seasonally and are best for these short-term uses. A pole barn, however, because it’s installed into the ground as a full structure with a foundation, is designed to have a 60- to 80-year lifespan. As a result, if you’re looking for something that will keep vehicles covered, your supplies protected, and your animals fully sheltered from the elements, a pole barn is built for decades of use.

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