Pole Barn Building Types

Pole Barn Building Types

Pole barn buildings come in many shapes and sizes and provide farmers, homeowners and business owners with affordable and sturdy buildings that can be used for equipment storage, manufacturing, animal shelters and garages. At CHA Pole Barn we have years of experience designing and building custom pole barn buildings and can operate in several states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia and Virginia.

Pole barn buildings have significant advantages over traditional barns and storage buildings. First off, pole barn buildings can be installed in a day or two saving buyers a lot of time. If you own a farm or business that needs immediate storage solutions the faster you get your space set up the sooner you can offer protection for equipment, vehicles and food stock. Second, pole buildings are much cheaper than traditional storage buildings and warehouses. Being able to cut down on costs will help your business bottom line and allow you to spend in other areas to improve your business infrastructure.

While many contractors can offer pole barn building only CHA Pole Barns delivers the high quality, custom craftsmanship and durability that creates a long standing structure you can depend on. Our post-frame construction method offers customers the flexibility to add on extra doors, windows and overhangs. You know your building needs better than anyone else and when you work with CHA Pole Barns you’re able to consult with experienced craftsmen who will listen to your unique needs and help you find solutions that will make your business successful. Contact CHA Pole Barns today to get started on pole barn building plans for your farm, home or commercial property.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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I just wanted to let you know how pleased my husband and I are so far with the building.

Also, your workers are very dedicated and hard working. They were courteous and polite. We are very happy with their work. you should be so proud to have them on your team. Please thank them again for us.

Betty Lou Kay