How A Pole Barn Works As A Horse Barn

How A Pole Barn Works As A Horse Barn

If you manage a farm that includes horses you will need a durable and strong barn shelter to keep the horses safe from foul weather and cold conditions. Whether your horses are for racing, breeding or work they will need a safe and dependable home for keeping them safe from outdoor hazards. CHA Pole Barns, located in Lancaster, PA has years of experience designing, constructing and installing horse barns throughout the mid-Atlantic region and can set up a horse barn on your farm that will safely house all your horses.

Horses are strong and hearty animals that can handle tough workloads and inclement weather. However, even these magnificent creatures need protection when the weather turns really bad or a cold front moves in. Instead of cramming horses into a makeshift shelter that also is being used for equipment and vehicles consider a well-built horse barn from CHA Pole Barns. Pole buildings are easy to construct, last for years and can be customized to include multiple horse stalls, Dutch doors and reflective insulation to provide a comfortable environment for a horse on a cold rainy day. From small single stall horse shelters to multiple stall horse barns with separate areas for hay storage, CHA Pole Barns has the expertise and skill to construct the horse barn that will best suit your needs.

CHA Pole Barns is located in Pennsylvania but can travel for construction work throughout the mid-Atlantic region including New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia. No matter where your farm is located we can travel to your town and install a custom built pole barn horse shed quickly so you can give your horses the protection they need to stay healthy and strong. Cheaper than traditional wood barns, safer than structures that may have pointed edges or protruding nails and durable enough to last through all four seasons, a horse barn built by CHA Pole Barns will offer you a sturdy and cost-effective farm building that will make life for your horses much easier.

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Thank you for everything.  You run a professional operation the likes which I have not seen in many years.  You will always have a friend in NY!

Johnny G.