Is Your Old Barn Worth Repairing Again?

Have you ever driven down a long, scenic, country road and become mesmerized by the beauty of the open land, the rolling hills, all the agriculture and those unique, well-worn barns that just set such a picturesque scenery?

Well, those old barns are just that — good for scenery and their historic value. For practical use, old barns usually have costly repairs or entire portions that are no longer functioning.

Sure some holes can be patched up and complete demolitions aren’t always the only route, but oftentimes old barns are just not worth repairing anymore.

Here are some sure signs that it’s time to part with your old barn and opt for a new construction.


If you’re coming down the road or approaching your barn and it has a slight lean in its stance, this isn’t part of its unique character, this is a potential hazard. Leaning structures are the result of poor beam support and a collapse could have detrimental consequences.

Have a professional come take a look at the underlying structure of your barn if you’re unsure, but if you can sway the walls with a little push, I think you know the answer already of whether or not it’s time to get a new barn.


Aside from the animals you might be keeping in your barn that maintain your farm, there can also be unsuspecting rodents or other critters making their way into your barn. The worst of these —termites —can have a feast with the wood from your barn and eat it right down to dust. You’ll have to think about getting a new barn and parting ways with your old barn if you’re finding holes and other evidence of critters in your dwelling.


Even if there isn’t an ant in sight, there could still be rotting wood plaguing your structure. Rotting wood can be just a natural process from years of exposure to the elements or it can also be caused from leaks. When rain or snow make their way through the roof and into the barn there is cause for other issues like mold, and especially rot. Over time this can lead to wood that’s so damaged you can poke a hole through it with just slight pressure from your finger. Is that the kind of dwelling you want to store your valuable possessions and beloved livestock in?

If It’s Time for a New Barn

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