Need a Pole Barn in Delaware?

Pole barns have quickly become a popular option for anyone looking to gain additional space while keeping a budget. The option isn’t just great for storage needs either, but many people today are also adding electricity, windows and insulation to create an entire living space. The possibilities with pole barns are truly endless.


Delaware is home to some of the most scenic nature preserves and coastal forests as well as a great place to vacation of you like beaches – there’s something to do year-round. Even as the second-smallest state in the United States, Delaware is home to some of the most beautiful real estate and is widely known as being business friendly.

If you’re lucky enough to live in this beautiful state and are looking to add value and functionality to your property, let CHA Pole Barns help you build a dwelling that best meets your needs.

Why Pole Barns

If you’ve been considering adding some new dwelling space, there is perhaps no easier, quicker and more cost efficient route than post-frame construction, which is also known as a “Pole Barn.” What this style construction does differently is rely on large poles that are buried into the ground, or foundation as support. This differs from traditional methods where framing and wall building is needed on top of foundation.

From a price and time-frame perspective, this makes pole barns a better choice. Today, the options for what you can turn a pole barn into are also expansive. Need an extra garage? Want extra storage for your farm equipment or livestock? Pole barns are the perfect way to fulfill these desires.

Hire CHA

Complete Homeowner’s Assistance (CHA) Construction is one of the leading pole barn builders in the Mid-Atlantic region. We strive to deliver high-quality pole barns that are both long-lasting and affordable. We use high-grade lumber and are committed to buildings that exceed structural standards which set us apart from the competition. That means you’re investing in something that lasts generations.  If you’re ready to get start on your next dream idea, let us help you get it right. Contact us for a free quote.

Thank you for everything.  You run a professional operation the likes which I have not seen in many years.  You will always have a friend in NY!

Johnny G.