Want Farm Improvements? Build a Pole Barn

Many farmers today are looking for ways to get the most out of their operations, whether it’s for livestock or agriculture. Few farmers would agree they have as much infrastructure as they need. Yet buildings are expensive, and most farms don’t have a lot of capital to throw around. New barns may be needed, but they’re not always affordable.

Farms need reliable, durable and efficient structures that meet the requirements and demands of operations regardless of climate, location or commodity. For an affordable yet highly practical and durable solution, pole barns are the right approach.

Why Does My Farm Need a Pole Barn?

Agricultural pole barns offer a number of advantages over other types of barns. These include:

Affordability. Few farms have large profit margins, so choosing an affordable pole barn means the farm isn’t going into debt (or deeper in debt) to keep up with operations. Pole barns can also be easily built to existing building codes, so you don’t need to worry about fines or expensive changes to code in the future.

They’re easier to insulate. Whatever you’re keeping in your barn, whether it’s livestock, animal feed, plant matter or even equipment, allowing it to freeze won’t be good for it. On the flip side, allowing it to overheat isn’t a good idea, either, as heat stress, humidity and solar radiation can put stress on livestock and reduce production in chickens and dairy cows. For this reason, most barns require insulation, and pole barns are easier to insulate than steel frame barns, and proper insulation extends the life of the pole barn.

They’re adaptable. While the farms of the past had to adapt to their barns, pole barns can make sure that it’s the barn adapting to the farm. Pole barns are easily customizable and can be built to your precise needs and specifications. You can also built in multiple rooms in case you need separate spaces (for livestock and to store equipment or feed, for example), and easily install plumbing and electricity.

They’re fast. If you’ve determined that you need a new barn, there’s a good chance you need it next month and not two years from now. Pole barns can be built far more quickly than other types of barns.

They’re long-lasting. A typical pole barn has a life expectancy of 60 to 80 years, so chances are good your pole barn will still be sturdy and usable into the next generations. Many CHA Pole Barns last well beyond their life expectancies.

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I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you. I am still in shock that the guys built that barn in one day! The quality and workmanship are unmatched, the time frame was shorter than expected. I am extremely satisfied with the barn! Thank you so much!

Deb Settle