How to Use the Sun to Provide Electricity for Your Pole Barn

How to Use the Sun to Provide Electricity for Your Pole Barn

If you want to build a pole barn on your property to shelter horses, to protect vehicles and equipment, or to use as a home or workshop, you will want to install electricity to make it easier to work or live there. Paying for electricity can be expensive over time. One way to reduce long-term costs is to install solar panels on your pole barn.

Solar Panels Can Save You Money

The best reason to generate solar energy is the cost savings. If you generate electricity from the sun, you can eliminate your monthly utility bills. This can save you money every year and can also increase your property’s resale value.

Most buildings with solar panels are connected to a local utility. Owners receive a credit if the building generates more electricity than it uses. The building uses solar energy first and then uses energy from the utility company as a backup source of power.

A problem with the grid can cause you to lose electricity, even if you have solar panels. If you want to use your pole barn as a home, you should have a generator to provide a backup source of power. This might not be necessary if you are using your pole barn as a horse shelter or garage.

If you have not built your pole barn yet, the cost of installing solar panels will probably be less than or equal to the cost of connecting it to the electrical grid. Solar power can be a better choice if your farm is located in a remote area where getting power from the grid is expensive or not possible. If you cannot connect your pole barn to the grid as a backup source of electricity, you can install a generator.

Is Solar Power Right for You?

To figure out whether or not installing solar panels on your pole barn makes the most sense for you, you should weigh the cost and your projected return on investment. The greatest factor affecting this is geography. If you live in an area that tends to get a lot of sun year-round, it will probably cost less to generate electricity through solar panels than it would cost to get it from a power company. Some states also offer rebates and tax incentives for homeowners who install solar panels.

If you want to install solar panels on your pole barn, check the permit requirements in your area. Find out how much time and labor will be required to install the panels and how much it will cost. If you already have a pole barn, you may need to make some modifications to install solar panels. You will also need an adequate battery pack to store energy to be used on cloudy or rainy days. You will need to set aside money for insurance and repairs.

Choosing the Best Pole Barn Design and Location for Solar Energy

If you are going to build a new pole barn, choose a location where it will get the most sun exposure year-round. It is easier to install solar panels on a pole barn with a gable or monitor roof than on one with a steep roof.

CHA Pole Barns can help you choose the right type of pole barn and the best location to build it to take advantage of energy from the sun. If you are interested in building a pole barn, contact us today for a quote.

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