How to Use a Pole Barn as a Guesthouse

How to Use a Pole Barn as a Guesthouse

When people think of pole barns, they usually think about using them as shelter for horses and livestock or places to store tractors and other farming equipment. Many people do not realize that pole barns can also be used as homes. If you already have a house that you like on your property, another option is to build a pole barn to use as a guesthouse. You can use it to give family and friends privacy when they come to visit, or you can rent it out to generate extra income.

Homeowners often think that the cost of building a guesthouse is too high to be a realistic option, but that is not true with a pole barn. Pole barns are less expensive than other types of dwellings and are fairly easy to build.

Pole Barn Designs

A pole barn has pressure-treated columns that are embedded in the ground to support the frame. The walls and roof are supported by purlins, girts, and sheathing. A pole barn can be customized with the floor plan and design features of your choice. You can choose a roof and siding that match your home to create a consistent appearance for your property. Your pole barn guesthouse can be designed as a rustic cottage or a modern studio.

Check Local Building Requirements

Before you buy a pole barn to use as a guesthouse, it is important to check the laws in your area. You will probably need to get a permit from your local or county government before you can build a new permanent structure on your property. Zoning laws vary by town and county, so check with your local building department for the rules and requirements in your area.

CHA Pole Barns Can Design and Build a Pole Barn to Use as a Guesthouse

CHA Pole Barns can help you design a pole barn that you can build on your property to use as a guesthouse. We can help you choose the right size, design, and features to provide comfort for your guests and complement the appearance of your existing home. We can also help you choose the right building site and construct your pole barn guesthouse for you. Contact CHA Pole Barns today to learn more about designing and building a new pole barn to use as a guesthouse.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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