How to Run Electricity to Your Pole Barn

How to Run Electricity to Your Pole Barn

If you are planning to use a pole barn for work, a hobby, or to shelter horses or other animals, you probably want to install electricity so that you can use the space day and night and utilize tools. Here are the steps you need to take to run electricity to your pole barn.

Draw a sketch of the interior of your pole barn and figure out the best location to place the wiring. Measure the total number of square feet that the wiring will cover and draw a diagram of where you want to place your electrical boxes and circuit breakers. Buy the appropriate number of square feet of THHN/THWN wire, electrical boxes, bushings, and locknuts.

Attach your circuit breaker loosely to the post nearest to the power source using wood screws and a screw driver. Attach the electrical outlets loosely to poles using wood screws.

Run conduit from the circuit breaker to the outlets, keeping the lines as straight as possible. If you have to use a conduit bender to bend the conduit, make gently curved bends and do not close the diameter of the conduit. Use conduit clamps and wood screws to attach the conduit to the poles in the pole barn. Use a hacksaw to cut the conduit to the appropriate size.

Attach locknuts to the ends of the conduit and insert the conduit into the boxes to attach it to the circuit breakers and electrical outlets. Screw the bushings into the ends of the conduit inside the boxes and then tighten the locknuts so that the teeth dig into the boxes. Tighten the screws that connect the boxes to the pole barn.

Use wire nippers and strippers to cut the wire to the appropriate size. Run fishing wire through the conduit, attach it to the electrical wire, and put friction tape over the wire where it joins. Gently pull the wire through the conduit, attach it to the electrical outlet and circuit breaker, and turn on the power.

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