How to Make Sure Your Pole Barn Has Proper Drainage

How to Make Sure Your Pole Barn Has Proper Drainage

When preparing a site to build a pole barn, it is essential to make sure that it has proper drainage. If water cannot drain away from the site, your pole barn can get flooded, which can cause expensive damage to the vehicles, equipment, hay, feed, or other items you have stored inside or harm to the animals living in the building.

You should be concerned with two types of drainage: subsurface and surface. Subsurface drainage involves using an underground network of pipes to carry water to a disposal point, such as a storm sewer or ditch. Surface drainage involves grading the land in a way that diverts rain and other water on the surface to a neutral drainage pattern so it can be carried away from the building.

The perimeter of your pole barn should have good drainage to prevent water from running off into the building around the perimeter and at the doors. Make sure the driveway and other adjacent areas allow for proper drainage. Consider where the water will go and make sure there is enough capacity to handle a heavy rain or melting snow.

Corrugated drain tile can improve subsurface drainage. You can reduce the need for rework by installing it before preparing the site for construction of your pole barn. Install heavy-duty gutters and downspouts to increase your pole barn’s longevity and reduce the risk of condensation. The downspouts can be connected to the tile system to drain water to strategic areas and direct runoff away from the building.

If water cannot drain away, capillary action can create problems inside your pole barn. One way to deal with this is to put a layer of coarse stone over the soil base to reduce capillary action and drain water away from the building.

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