How to Keep Your Pole Barn Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Your Pole Barn Cool in the Summer

A pole barn can provide shelter for horses and livestock; can be used to store vehicles, equipment, feed, hay, or crops; and can even be used as a home or business location. Like many other buildings, a pole barn can become unbearably hot in the summer. With the proper design and some simple additions and actions on your part, you can keep your pole barn well ventilated so cool air can circulate. This can keep it comfortable for both people and animals, even on the hottest of summer days.

Choose the Right Location

If you are planning to build a new pole barn, the location you choose can play a key role in keeping it cool in the summer. Choose a site near trees that can provide natural shade. Try to build your pole barn in a location that tends to get a breeze on a summer day so air can circulate easily.

Open Windows and Doors

Make sure your pole barn has plenty of windows to allow breezes to flow through the building. Open as many windows as possible on hot summer days to maximize airflow. You can also open the doors at the ends of your pole barn to let air pass through the building.

Install Fans

Another way to allow air to circulate in your pole barn is to install fans. You can use fans to circulate cool, fresh air and to remove hot air from the building. Having a good ventilation system can let air circulate and prevent condensation from making the interior of your pole barn unpleasant and uncomfortable. If you use your pole barn to provide shelter for animals, you can use a cooling, misting, or fogging system to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Use Air Conditioning

If you are planning to use your pole barn as a residence or business, you will probably want to install air conditioning to keep people comfortable. You should also insulate your pole barn to keep the cool air indoors. You can install bookshelf girts, or horizontal planks, between the posts of the outside walls. This will allow you to create pockets to hold the insulation and will also give the building support for drywall. Insulation will help keep the pole barn warm in the winter as well.

CHA Pole Barns Can Design and Build Your New Pole Barn

CHA Pole Barns can help you design and build the right pole barn for your needs. Whether you want to use it as an animal shelter, garage, house, or business, we can create plans to make the best use of the space. We will take your region’s climate into account when designing your pole barn to keep it as comfortable as possible year-round. To get started with plans for your new pole barn, contact CHA Pole Barns today.

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