How to Install Windows in a Pole Barn

How to Install Windows in a Pole Barn

A pole barn can provide you with valuable space for storage or working, or it can even be used as a residence. If you are planning to work or live in your pole barn or use it to shelter animals on a farm, you will need to install windows to provide light and ventilation.

Buy new windows to install in your pole barn. Used windows can be subject to stresses and can shatter unexpectedly. Double-glazed windows are too heavy to be used in a pole barn.

Choose the location for the window and mark it. Look for a place where you can attach the window to one of the pole barn’s horizontal members. If the window is meant to be opened, be sure that nothing will interfere with that.

Build a frame that is the same size as the window. Use wood that is at least one inch thick and has been treated with a waterproofer. Since pole barn walls are thin, the frame will project from both sides of the wall. A flange will hold the window frame in place.

Hold the frame against the area where you want to install the window and trace around it. Drill a hole in each corner of the outline and then use a jigsaw to cut along the lines and create an opening. Use coarse sandpaper to clean up the cut edges.

Insert the window frame into the opening. Nail it to the horizontal member and the ends of cut horizontal members. Apply a beat of mastic around the frame against the inside and outside of the siding. Fit the wooden flange to the sides of the frame and nail them to the frame and siding. This will help prevent leaks and make the frame more secure.

Insert the window into the frame. Use the connection points in the window to screw it into place, making sure the screws don’t prevent it from opening inward.

Apply a bead of mastic around the window to prevent leaks. After the mastic has set, test the window to make sure it opens correctly.

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