How to Install Metal Siding on Your Pole Barn

How to Install Metal Siding on Your Pole Barn

Steel siding can protect the interior of a pole barn from the elements. This is the same type of material that is frequently used for the roof of a pole barn. Methods for attaching metal siding to a pole barn have improved, and many people can do it themselves in a day or two.

Begin by hanging 2×6 lumber horizontally on the sides of the pole barn along the outside of the poles, starting six inches from the bottom. Space the lumber 24 to 48 inches apart and work your way up to the top of the pole barn wall. Install lumber all the way around the perimeter of the pole barn and attach it with 3-inch screws.

Place the first sheet of siding on the wall starting at one corner of the exterior wall. It should stand vertically along the horizontal lumber. Line up the bottom of the sheet with the bottom of the first 2×6 and attach it with 1-inch metal screws. Space the screws 12 inches apart horizontally and at intervals corresponding to the spacing of the 2x6s. Put one self-tapping screw on the bottom left corner of the first sheet, plumb it with a four-foot level, and insert the rest of the screws.

Install the rest of the sheets by overlapping the ridges at the edges. The ridges are designed to channel water off the steel sheeting and also serve as interlocking members to connect the sheets during installation.

Attach metal corners to the corners of the pole barn with 1-inch metal screws to cover up sharp edges. Metal corners can be purchased to match the color of the siding. Insert the screws on each side of the corner about one inch off the edge, starting six inches from the bottom of the corner and spacing the screws 12 inches apart.


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