How to Get Rid of Wild Animals in Your Pole Barn

How to Get Rid of Wild Animals in Your Pole Barn

A pole barn is an excellent place to store vehicles, equipment, hay, animal feed, and other items. It is also an attractive location that offers shelter, warmth, and possibly food for wild animals, particularly mice, rats, squirrels, and raccoons. If animals get into your pole barn, they can eat any food you have stored there, cause damage to your vehicles and equipment, and leave urine and droppings behind. They can even cause damage to the building itself that can be expensive to repair. You can take these steps if you know or suspect that wild animals have taken up residence in your pole barn.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of animals is to set traps. Do some research to help you figure out what kind of trap will work the best. You can choose traps that will not harm the animals so you can release them in another location. Read the instructions carefully before you place a trap. Put the traps in areas with large amounts of droppings. Check them every day and reset or replace them as necessary.

Look for bedding areas where mice or rats are living. They will often collect lint or cotton for bedding and store food in the area. Clean up the bedding area and any urine or droppings you find.

You can install motion-activated barn owl cameras. They will flash or make noise to scare away animals that cross their path.

One of the easiest ways to keep pests from taking up residence in your pole barn in the first place is to get a cat or two. Female cats are less likely than males to mark their territory in the building.

You can also keep animals from getting into your pole barn by installing z-shaped flashing to block access points. You can get this at a local home improvement store. Loosen the bottom row of screws that holds the skin to the baseboard, slip the flashing on, and screw it into place.

You can use natural repellents to keep pests out of the building. Fabric softener sheets, mothballs, cloves, and peppermint have scents that can discourage rodents from coming into your pole barn.

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