How to Design a Pole Barn to Use as a Garage

How to Design a Pole Barn to Use as a Garage

If your garage is filled with vehicles and boxes and you need additional storage space for one or more vehicles, you can construct a pole barn on your property to use as a garage. A pole barn is an excellent place to store a car, truck, tractor, or boat. Pole barns are strong, durable, and designed to last for many years.

Plan for the Future

When designing your pole barn garage, think about the vehicles you currently have and ones you might want to purchase in the future. If you think you might want to buy another car or a boat in a few years, design your pole barn so it will be large enough to accommodate the additional vehicle. That way you can avoid the future expense of an addition.

Designing Your Pole Barn

You can design your garage with bonus storage using a truss system that increases attic space. This costs much less than building a pole barn with a larger floor plan.

Pole barns usually have steel roofing. In suburban areas, homeowners sometimes use shingles to match their pole barns to their houses or choose steel in a color that matches the house. Using shingles can cost more up front and may require more maintenance than steel.

Choose the windows and doors that will provide the appropriate level of ventilation. If you plan to heat and cool your garage, you should insulate the windows and doors to prevent heat transfer. If you want to use paint or chemicals in your garage, consider powered ventilation.

You can use a flush wall insulation system for the maximum amount of insulation in the wall cavity. Make sure the trusses can support the weight of insulation and drywall if they are used on the ceiling.

You will probably want to install electricity in your pole barn garage so you can use tools, lights, or an electric garage door opener. Plan for outlets and electrical wiring.

Match your pole barn garage to the exterior style of your house. You can choose the siding and color that will complement the existing buildings on your property for a unified theme.

Get an Estimate for a Pole Barn Garage

CHA Pole Barns has constructed pole barns that owners use for many purposes, including as garages. If you are interested in increasing your storage space with a new pole barn garage, we can help you design one that is right for your current and future needs. Contact us today for an estimate.

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