How to Brace a Pole Barn for Wind Resistance

How to Brace a Pole Barn for Wind Resistance

Whether you need extra space to store vehicles, shelter animals, or store farming equipment, a pole barn is a good solution. Pole barns are sturdy and relatively inexpensive and can last a long time if built well.

Since they have a simple design, pole barns can be vulnerable to damage from strong winds. If you live in an area that tends to experience storms with heavy winds, you should orient and brace your pole barn to prevent damage.

The way you orient your pole barn can help it stand up to wind. Build your pole barn so that the shortest side faces the direction that wind tends to come from in your area.

Wind bracing along the base of your pole barn can help prevent wind damage. Attach bracing material to the outside of the vertical poles. Nail 12-foot-long pieces of 2×6 boards along the bases of the walls using four 16 penny nails at each post.

Create diagonal side wall braces by extending 2×4 braces from the eaves to the 2×6 wind braces at the base of the pole barn. Install the braces at 45-degree angles from the vertical poles and nail them at the top and bottom with 12 penny nails.

Cut 4-foot square pieces of ½-inch exterior plywood diagonally to make two triangles. Place one triangle at the top of each vertical post with the longest side on top and the point centered on each pole. Nail the pieces with 8 penny nails at 2-inch centers vertically and horizontally.

A positive roof diaphragm can help your pole barn stand up to heavy winds. Use ½-inch exterior plywood on the roofing base. Start at the ridge line of the roof and stagger the joints of each sheet to add strength. Attach the sheathing to the roof trusses with 8 penny nails and trim any excess plywood at the eaves.

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