Differences Between a Pole Barn and a Stick-Built Structure

Differences Between a Pole Barn and a Stick-Built Structure

If you want to build a house, garage, or barn, you have several options. Two of the most common are stick-built construction and a pole barn. Building a pole barn is very different than stick-built construction and offers several advantages.

How Stick Buildings and Pole Barns Are Constructed

Stick building is a method in which a structure is assembled on-site from individual pieces of lumber. This allows the builders to create a unique design for each building and to correct any problems they encounter during construction.

A pole barn is made from materials pre-cut at a factory. Engineered lumber is cut to the sizes needed and delivered to the building site in a kit. This makes it easy to build a standard type of structure based on a common plan, although it can also be customized.

Some people believe that stick-built construction is superior to a pole barn, but that is not necessarily true. When properly constructed, a pole barn can be just as good as a stick-built structure and can even be better in some respects.

A Pole Barn Can Cost Less Than a Stick-Built Structure

Building a pole barn can cost significantly less than constructing a stick-built structure. The foundation usually makes up over 15 percent of the cost of constructing a single-story building. A pole barn uses posts buried in the ground to support the weight of the walls and the roof. In many cases, a traditional concrete foundation is not needed.

The truss spacing in a pole barn is typically wider than that in a stick-built structure. When properly designed and constructed, the trusses on a pole barn can be more than 8 feet apart and can support heavy snow loads. This can significantly reduce the construction costs for a large building.

A pole barn can be constructed to look like a conventional building. The walls in a pole barn are not load-bearing because the poles support the weight of the building. This reduces the cost of framing.

A Pole Barn Can Be Easier to Build

If the building is to be constructed on land that is not flat, problems may arise. To construct a building with a conventional foundation, it will probably be necessary to move soil and level the site. A pole barn can be built on a non-level site without the need for extensive site preparation.

A Pole Barn Can Handle Severe Weather

A pole barn can stand up to severe weather that could damage or destroy a conventional building. The posts that are embedded in the ground transmit lateral wind loads on the walls to the ground. Pole barns also generally do not collapse during a fire like conventional buildings on foundations can.

A Pole Barn Can Be More Energy-Efficient

A pole barn can also be more energy-efficient than a stick-built structure. A pole barn has fewer thermal breaks than a conventional building. Posts that are 8 feet or more on center can be insulated better than studs 16 or 24 inches on center in a stickframe building.

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