Customizing Pole Barns

Customizing Pole Barns

Pole barns are great for storage and housing farm equipment but these versatile pole buildings can be so much more. Years ago homeowners and business owners would consider a pole barn to be a shed for storing machinery and vehicles but with the ability to customize pole buildings you can now create retail store fronts, hobby shops and commercial space that is affordable and functional. With the right additions your simple pole barn will become a welcoming place to conduct business and give you a dependable building for many needs.

Windows & Doors

A little light can make all the difference. Instead of simply having a shuttered pole barn building, consider adding windows and doors that will allow natural light to filter in creating a more inviting atmosphere. There are a number of window models you can choose as well as standard front door and commercial rolling doors that will not only make your building more attractive but also more useful. At CHA Pole Barns we can take your vision for a custom pole barn and build a structure that will give you the space you need to operate any type of commercial business.

Awnings & Overhangs

Another way to make your pole building more inviting and better for business is to install a durable awning or overhang. When you have a commercial rolling door that opens your space up to retail traffic it helps to have a protective overhang that can keep merchandise safe from foul weather and intense UV sunlight. What was a simple storage space now becomes a full-service store front with the simple addition of an awning or overhang.

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Thank you for everything.  You run a professional operation the likes which I have not seen in many years.  You will always have a friend in NY!

Johnny G.