Custom Pole Barns

Custom Pole Barns

Pole barns come in a variety of shapes and sizes but depending on your commercial or residential needs your pole building may require custom additions to handle the work load you’ll be asking of it. From additional garage doors and porches to overhangs and horse stalls, CHA Pole Barns can custom design a pole barn building that will incorporate all of your requirements into a sturdy and affordable pole barn structure. We will work with you from the initial concept to the final nail being driven in so you get the best possible service and we always welcome questions and ideas to improve the look and durability of your building.

We pride ourselves on being able to handle any type of pole barn project no matter how big or small. From simple pole barn sheds for lawn tractors to large, multi-door warehouses for trucks and heavy equipment, CHA Pole Barns has the experience and skill to custom design and build a pole barn building that will suit your needs and make life easier. Whether you need a safe and durable garage for boats and RV’s or a sturdy storage facility for heavy farm equipment including tractors, harvesters and backhoes, CHA Pole Barns will carefully go over all the details with you in the planning stages so you are sure to get the most out of your pole building.

As any homeowner or farm owner can attest there’s no such thing as enough storage space. Homes and commercial businesses get cluttered fast and if you have vehicles, equipment and machinery that need high quality protection from foul weather, excessive UV sunlight and other outdoor hazards get started on a pole barn plan that will offer you the space to comfortably fit all your valuables. For homes we offer high quality pole barn garages that can be used to safely store boats, cars, RV’s and lawn tractors. If you own a farm or commercial business we can custom build a pole barn building capable of housing large tractors, flat bed trucks, hay bales and livestock.

At CHA Pole Barns we believe in honesty, integrity and hard work. We stand behind every building we construct and are proud to have many satisfied customers who regularly use our buildings. We will provide personal service on your pole barn project and offer the best support and consultation possible so you know exactly what you’re getting. If you live or work in the mid-Atlantic region and need a high quality pole barn building or storage warehouse contact CHA Pole Barns today.

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We are very pleased with the quality of the materials used in this building. I cannot say enough about Steve and his crew. Their workmanship is superb! The speed with which the building was constructed is amazing.

We are so glad we chose CHA!

Donald Haga