What are Some Uses for Commercial Pole Barns?

What are Some Uses for Commercial Pole Barns?

Pole buildings have long been popular with homeowners who need sheds on their property for storage. However, commercial businesses including farms and construction companies are also realizing the advantages to having a pole building for storing equipment, vehicles and supplies. When you are in business you can never have enough storage space. Whether your enterprise is expanding or just overloaded with inventory you are going to need durable and dependable structures that can store your materials and keep it safe from foul weather.

Farm Pole Buildings

Farms and agricultural businesses are always in need of extra storage. Pole barns provide the perfect place for keeping livestock, grain and seed, tractors, plows and other equipment and supplies often found on commercial farms. If you want, you can custom design a pole barn building that can also second as a horse run-in shelter to keep your farm animals safe when rain storms blow in. Traditional barns are costly and can take weeks to raise, but pole barn sheds and storage shelters are cost-effective and in some cases can be completely built in a day or two.

Construction Storage Sheds

Another industry that gets plenty of use out of commercial pole buildings is construction. When contractors are building new homes, repairing roofs and installing siding there’s a good chance they will have supplies delivered before it gets used. Rather than leave lumber and other construction materials to suffer from snow, rain and intense UV sunlight consider installing a pole barn building that can easily store all your supplies and equipment for when you are ready to use it. This way everything you need for a project is on hand, in great condition and ready to be used.

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I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you. I am still in shock that the guys built that barn in one day! The quality and workmanship are unmatched, the time frame was shorter than expected. I am extremely satisfied with the barn! Thank you so much!

Deb Settle