Choosing the Perfect Layout for Your Pole Barn Home

A pole barn’s design is versatile enough to allow it to be used for a wide range of purposes. Many people don’t realize that a pole barn can even be used as a house. If you’re thinking about constructing a new home, building a pole barn may be much easier and less expensive than constructing a traditional house. You can customize a pole barn’s interior layout to suit your needs.

Think about Your Family’s Current and Future Needs

When designing a new home, consider what your family will need and value, both now and in the future. If you might have more children in the future, including at least one more bedroom than you currently need. If you and your loved ones enjoy spending time together watching TV and playing games, incorporate a family room in your pole barn home’s layout. If you like to entertain large groups for the holidays and other special occasions, include a spacious dining room or a combined living room and dining area with an open floor plan to encourage guests to mingle.

Consider Adding a Loft

It’s relatively easy to incorporate a loft in the construction of a pole barn home. Including a loft can allow you to take advantage of vertical space. You can use that area as a home office, a bedroom, or a place to store boxes of odds and ends. That extra space can increase the value of your new house.

Include a Garage in the Design of Your Pole Barn Home

Don’t limit your plans to a living space for your family. While you’re contemplating the layout of your new house, think about where to store your vehicles. You can add a garage to store two or more cars and connect it to the house. If you need additional storage space for lawn and garden equipment or other belongings, or if you think you might purchase another vehicle at some point in the future, you can design a garage that’s large enough to give you flexibility.

Get an Estimate for a Pole Barn Home


The team at CHA Pole Barns can work with you to design a pole barn home that will suit your family’s needs, both now and for years to come. We can discuss the size and makeup of your family and how you spend your time at home to help you create a layout that will work for you. Contact us today to learn more or to request an estimate. 

Contracting with CHA since December 2009, to have two very large buildings constructed at our farm. We have personally referred several friends, relatives and neighbors to use them and we have never heard anything but praise for their workmanship and hard work. Our experience with CHA has shown us that they are most honest, reputable building company we have contracted. Their staff is very hard working, polite and very conscientious about their work. They got the job done on time, work tirelessly and waste no time while working. At the end of the day they clean up the job site and put all their tools and equipment away leaving the job site spotless.

Carin Guelich