How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Pole Barn

How to Choose the Right Windows for Your Pole Barn

When building a pole barn, the windows are one of the most important parts. The windows will protect your pole barn from air and water leaks, protect its contents, and help keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. You have many window options available when designing a pole barn. Here are some guidelines to help you make the best choice.

Choosing the Right Window Material and Style

Windows can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, composite, aluminum, and fiberglass. If you live in a cold region and plan to use your pole barn as a home or business, you will want to choose composite or fiberglass windows because they are the best option to prevent frost from forming around the edges of the windows. If you plan to use your pole barn for horses or livestock, you will want to use aluminum windows to prevent frost. Vinyl windows are not a good choice for a pole barn because they are too flexible. Aluminum windows are sturdier and more secure.

Aluminum windows are also frequently chosen for pole barns because of the window joints, or joinery. The two joints on the frame are screwed together, and foam gaskets are used to prevent air from leaking in through the windows.

The thermal break is an important part of aluminum windows. It separates the interior and exterior aluminum to prevent the transfer of cold air through the window. This can help prevent frost. Polyurethane is used for a thermal break in aluminum windows.

The color you choose for your pole barn windows can also affect their maintenance and longevity. White is the color that is the least likely to fade. A painted window will fade over time after being exposed to the sun.

Glazing refers to the glass panels in the windows. You should always choose sealed, double-paned insulating glass. The windows should be sealed with an AAMA-approved cellular foam tape that has a silicone cap-bead to seal the glass onto the frame.

Some people choose grids for their windows. Grids that are mounted between the glass panels are easier to clean and tend to have a longer warranty than grids on the outside.

Window Installation Methods

Weather stripping is installed around windows to prevent air penetration. The best choice for weather stripping is wool pile with poly fin because it can stay flexible in cold weather. PVC weather stripping can tear.

Sometimes windows are mulled, or attached to each other. This can be done with several types of windows, including sliding or double-hung designs. Windows can be mulled in multiple configurations depending on the property owner’s preferences.

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