Can Your Pole Barn House an Extra Room?

Can Your Pole Barn House an Extra Room?

Initially, you might erect a pole barn to store equipment and supplies, to have a separate work area, or to shelter your cars and seasonal vehicles. But, as you view the structure more and more like a garage, you might want to treat it as such – create a separate room inside the building.

But, while your garage often has many of your home’s actual comforts, your pole barn doesn’t, until you install electricity, plumbing, drainage, and insulation. As a result, your project is only feasible if you can modify your building for:

With all of these factors in mind, common pole barn additions include:

A Mancave or Separate Personal Area

Those creating this type of room usually have the following vision: A room designed for watching the game or chilling out with a beverage after a long day of working on a project. As a result, a space like this needs to have controlled cooling and heating, adequate ventilation, plumbing, electrical wiring powerful enough for a big screen TV and small refrigerator, and a wide enough width for a couch and entertainment center. Furthermore, the design needs to be sealed enough to keep out moisture without locking it in – otherwise, any wood pieces could experience rot.

Design experts additionally recommend planning for future improvements. For instance, if you’ve always envisioned having a foosball or pool table, set aside the square feet initially, rather than attempt to expand the room later on.

Studio Area

As an aspiring musician, you might think about creating a studio inside your pole barn, especially if your home doesn’t have enough room. But, while this space has the same type of variables as a mancave, a few more need to be factored in. One, since musicians require a large amount of audio equipment, including computers, your space needs to be fully sealed against dirt and moisture. Additionally, so outside noises don’t mar your recordings, be sure to install extra soundproofing.

A Separate Storage Area

What are you planning to keep in your pole barn? If one part’s a work area or a garage, you might want to designate the rest of the interior toward storage. But, you also don’t want paint, chemicals, and dirt near it – especially if the items in storage are for a side business or need to be kept in pristine condition.

So, in constructing a separate storage area, consider what you’ll use for the floor, how the space drains, how it’s ventilated, and how you’ll control it for dirt and moisture buildup.

In your project’s initial stages, come up with an idea for your pole barn and modify it from there. To get a structure suited to your vision, explore your options through CHA Pole Barns. To learn more and talk about customization, give our team a call today.

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