Building a Pole Barn

Building a Pole Barn

Building a pole barn can be one of the best investments you make. When you buy property for a home, farm or business the lot doesn’t always come with all the things you will need for storage. You may have farm equipment including tractors and harvesters, additional vehicles including trucks and RV’s or livestock and horses. You’ll need a durable and affordable storage building to keep your equipment and livestock well protected from foul weather and with a pole barn building from CHA Pole Barns you can count on years of use and superior practicality. Located in Paradise, PA we can service the entire mid-Atlantic region and provide custom full-service turnkey pole barn solutions for all your storage needs.

There are many reasons to build a pole barn on your residential or commercial property. From providing you with a sturdy detached garage for trucks, RV’s and motorcycles to storing pieces of farm equipment and machinery a well constructed pole barn building will make your life much easier. You can also use a pole barn building as a work shop, retail storefront or home. Our pole barn kits feature wood trusses and high quality metal roofing and siding that will stand the test of time so you have a reliable and dependable building for your home or farm.

Though pole barns appear to be simple structures the construction is not as easy as you think so before you get in over your head with a project you can’t finish contact the expert carpenters at CHA Pole Barns. We combine years of experience on both residential and commercial pole barn buildings with the finest in building materials to provide you with a building experience that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Before you even break ground on a dig site for a pole building, CHA Pole Barns can help in many ways including obtaining building permits, preparing the area for construction including minor excavation and leveling and we will provide certificates of insurance to local building departments. Once your pole barn building is finished, CHA Pole Barns offers a variety of post-frame building options including interior finishes, rooftop cupolas, porches, overhangs, Dutch doors and concrete flat work.

When you are ready contact CHA Pole Barns to talk about your pole barn project.


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I just wanted to send you a quick email and thank you. I am still in shock that the guys built that barn in one day! The quality and workmanship are unmatched, the time frame was shorter than expected. I am extremely satisfied with the barn! Thank you so much!

Deb Settle