How to Build a Quality Pole Barn and Save Money

How to Build a Quality Pole Barn and Save Money

Building a pole barn can give you much needed space to house your horses or livestock or to store vehicles, equipment, or hay. While there are many advantages to building a pole barn, it is still a significant financial investment. You want to save money if you can, but you don’t want to cut corners in ways that will wind up costing you more down the road. There are several ways that you can build a quality pole barn that will last for many years. While some of these tips will require you to pay a little more up front, you will see the returns over time in the form of lower maintenance costs.

It is important to build your pole barn with quality materials. This will cost you more initially, but it will pay off in the long run. Poorer quality building materials will wear out and become damaged sooner and will cost money to repair or replace. By investing in better materials now, you can prevent additional costs in the future.

Pole barn columns can be placed every six to 12 feet. The farther apart the columns are placed, the fewer columns and trusses you will need. You can increase the spacing between the columns to reduce costs while still having a sturdy and secure pole barn.

Another area where you can save some money is with the door. A sliding door costs much less than an overhead or hydraulic one. Modern sliding doors are easy to open and close.

You can save money by adding a steel flushwall liner system interior to your pole barn instead of drywall. A steel flushwall liner is much easier to install.

Condensation can be a serious problem in a pole barn. You can use DripStop to prevent condensation from getting on your tools and equipment in a non-insulated pole barn, such as one used for storage or as a horse shelter. DripStop costs much less than installing ceiling insulation.

If you expect sound to be an issue in your pole barn, you have a better option than installing a sound-absorbing ceiling material. A perforated steel liner and insulation can do a better job of reducing noise.

Pole barns often get damaged by vehicles or tractors bumping into them or kicking up sticks or stones. If this happens, it might be necessary to replace the entire sidewall. You can avoid this and save yourself some money in the future by installing wainscot, a 3.5-foot steel panel that is put at the bottom of the building to protect it. If there is an accident, you can simply replace the wainscot, rather than the entire sidewall.

You want your pole barn to look attractive. There are many ways to accomplish this without inflating the price tag too much. For example, if you would like a residential look, consider a design with a double gable.

CHA Pole Barns can help you design a pole barn with the features you need and an attractive design you will enjoy. We can help you choose the right materials and features for the job to reduce your future maintenance costs and save money. Contact us today to discuss the options for your new pole barn.

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