Best Wood for Pole Barns

Best Wood for Pole Barns

A pole barn is a great solution if you need space for storage in your yard or on a farm. Pole barns can be built with a variety of woods. The type you choose will depend on the style you prefer and what is readily available.

Pressure-treated timbers are a good choice for a small pole barn. If you are planning to construct a larger pole barn, you can use reclaimed utility poles, as long as they are in good condition. If you have trees on your property, you can cut some of them down and use rot-resistant logs.

Be sure that whatever poles or logs you decide to use are the right diameter for the height and spacing called for in your pole barn building plans. The poles that you use will need to be equal in height when they are set in the holes. This is critical to make sure that the roof is properly supported. You may need to cut some of the poles to make them equal with the others, so be sure to use poles that are long enough.

 If you are concerned about the health and environmental effects of using pressure-treated poles, you can use wood treated with ACQ, the most commonly used wood preservative compound. ACQ replaced CCA, a wood preservative containing arsenic that was used until 2003.

ACQ is believed to be significantly safer than CCA, but it is more corrosive to nails, screws, and support brackets than CCA was. The corrosive effect is made worse by the presence of moisture. You should use hot-dipped galvanized nails and screws when you build your pole barn. For critical connection points where it will not be possible to drive in additional fasteners later, use stainless steel nails and screws.

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