Best Siding for Pole Barns

Best Siding for Pole Barns

If you have decided to build a pole barn on your property for storage, you want one that will stand up to the elements and last as long as possible. The two most common types of siding for pole barns are galvanized steel and Galvalume.

Galvalume is an alloy that consists of 45 percent zinc and 55 percent aluminum. It looks similar to galvanized steel, but the crystals it consists of are smaller and closer together, which makes it appear smoother.

Galvalume has barrier corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties similar to aluminized material. It also has good bare edge galvanic protection and forming qualities similar to galvanized materials, which enable it to resist damage from rust, the elements, and fire. Galvalume resists corrosion better than galvanized steel, but it does not protect scratches and cut edges as well.

Galvalume can be coated with a polyvinyl idene fluoride coating that provides stain and chemical resistance. This has a major effect on the length of the warranty. Most Galvalume and galvanized steel are coated, but Galvalume can also perform well if it is not coated.

Galvalume and galvanized steel both weigh 100 to 150 pounds per 100 square feet, and both are made from about 35 percent recycled materials. Both cost about the same.

Concrete and mortar are highly alkaline. Galvalume should not be used on, in, or around them because that can lead to rapid corrosion. Galvanized steel is a better choice to be used around concrete and mortar.

Galvalume will corrode quickly around animal confinement areas and agricultural products. However, it can resist corrosion from industrial and marine environments. Galvalume also offers excellent heat reflectivity, which can improve interior comfort and reduce energy requirements.

In some cases, more conventional siding materials like aluminum or vinyl siding might be viable options as well.

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