Benefits Of A Pole Barn Building

Benefits Of A Pole Barn Building

Post frame construction has become very popular for two main reasons: low cost and versatile storage areas. If you own a farm, construction or agriculture supply business you know how important it is to keep livestock, food stores and equipment safe. But your storage needs is constantly changing and if your have a traditional barn or storage building built you not only spend a small fortune but it can’t be modified to adapt to your needs. With a well-crafted pole barn building you get a very efficient post frame building at a fraction of the cost of a traditional barn and can modify the structure to your exact standards.

Due to a large supply of telephone poles back in the 1930’s farmers in the mid-west combined this readily available material with steel sheeting to construct inexpensive post frame construction buildings. Because of the Great Depression everyone was looking for cheap alternatives and pole barn buildings became the alternative to costly barn construction. Over the years chemical treatment for the poles and the development of trusses would make pole barn buildings more sturdy but still much cheaper than a traditional storage building. Today you can find pole barn buildings across the country and the quality of construction has only gotten better.

Builders who specialize in pole barn installation, such as CHA Pole Barns, often provide custom designs for businesses and farmers looking for specific pole barn buildings to store a variety of materials and equipment. From run-in sheds for horses and livestock to durable structures that can house tractors, bales of hay and plows pole barns have become indispensable buildings that allow for safe storage. With the option of additional doors and peak ceilings pole barns offer large storage areas that are easily accessible so you can get the equipment and supplies you need quickly.

Of course the main benefit to choosing a post frame pole barn building over a traditional barn is cost. With less materials and less time needed for construction some builders can have a sturdy and versatile pole barn raised in a day while a traditional barn can take weeks. When you need a high quality storage building for your farm or construction business, choose a post frame pole barn building from CHA Pole Barns.

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