Benefits of Installing Eaves on Your Horse Barn

Benefits of Installing Eaves on Your Horse Barn

A pole barn is a versatile building that can be used for many purposes. One of the most common uses is to provide shelter for horses. A pole barn can be built large enough to accommodate several horses, and the interior can be partitioned into stalls so the animals have their own space to rest.

A pole barn can be designed with many optional features, including eaves. Adding eaves to your pole barn is a simple modification that can provide several practical benefits.

Outdoor Shelter for Horses

If you extend the eaves out several feet along the length of your pole barn, that can provide a sizable sheltered area. This can benefit your horses if they are outside on a hot, rainy, or snowy day because they can seek out shelter under the eaves. If you enclose the eaves, you can keep rain and snow out. This will make things easier for you since you will not have to round up the horses and bring them inside when the weather is unpleasant.

Extra Storage Space

Eaves on the side of your pole barn can also give you extra storage space. This sheltered area can be used to store equipment you use for your horses, such as a trailer or carriage. You should not store fuel or machines that use it near the barn because of the risk of fire.

Keep the Barn Cleaner

Extending the eaves on the side of your pole barn can also cut down on the amount of mud around your barn that gets carried inside. You can put sand or mats on the ground to keep the area cleaner.

Ventilation for the Horse Barn

Eaves can provide ventilation for your horse barn. Eaves can give each stall the recommended one foot opening to the outside air without reducing the amount of living space for your horses. You can use 12- to 30-inch eaves with vented soffits to draw air up to the ridge vents or create sidewall openings for air exchange.

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