Average Cost to Build a Pole Barn

Average Cost to Build a Pole Barn

A pole barn can be the solution to your storage needs at home or for your business. Pole barns are available in an array of sizes and can be customized with many optional features, so costs can vary widely.

The price for a small, basic pole barn can start around $4,000. Prices can go up considerably from there and can reach tens of thousands of dollars for a large building with optional features.

The first step in choosing a pole barn kit is to figure out how the building will be used. The size of the pole barn you need will depend on what you plan to store there: tools, vehicles, livestock, feed, etc.

You will also need to choose the type of roofing material to use and whether you want metal or vinyl siding. These factors will influence the total cost.

Next you will need to decide what additional options to include in your design. You can add windows, large doors, overhangs, wainscoting, a cupola, or other features. All of these will add to the cost.

You can buy a pole barn kit and assemble it yourself, or you can hire a contractor to build it for you. If you decide to hire a professional, that will raise the cost significantly. Get several estimates and check contractors’ references before you choose someone to build your pole barn for you.

Before you construct a pole barn on your property, check with your local zoning authority to find out what type of permit you will need to obtain. Factor that cost into your overall budget.

A pole barn is a wise investment that can provide valuable storage space and increase the value of your property. Do some research and compare costs for various options before making your selection.

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