3 Ways to Maximize Your Animal Pole Barn’s Air Quality

If you want healthy, fruitful livestock all-year round, then your Pole Barn’s indoor air quality has to be top-notch. To achieve this, you must ensure that your pole barn is properly  ventilated.

Why Ventilation Is So Important

Animals give off a lot of natural heat. When they are huddled together in a small space, this body heat magnifies. Without an adequate amount of fresh air coming in, your animals become more susceptible to illness. Therefore, a ventilation system is needed to help control heat, dust, and other related airborne contaminants.

Now that you understand why your pole barn needs ventilations, let’s break down 3 ventilation methods  you can use to improve your pole barn’s overall indoor air quality.

Understanding The 3 Types of Ventilation

As with most things, there is more than one way to achieve this goal; when it comes to ventilation, you have 3 options

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation is the most economical method. The best natural ventilation systems make smart use of doors, windows, and curtains to allow fresh air to enter, and stale air to leave. When designing a natural ventilation system, create easy access paths for air to flow effortlessly. Even though there is no mechanical intervention involved, it is recommended that you still insulate your pole barn properly. Effective insulation will protect your animals from extreme temperature lows in the winter, and highs in the summer.

Power Ventilation

Often referred to as tunnel ventilation, power ventilation is the most expensive option. Tunnel / power ventilation can employ thermostats, timing controls, intermittent fans, or mechanically-operated intake shutters. While it may be more expensive than other options, power / tunnel ventilation will give you more control over your ventilation efforts. For example, you can tweak the thermostat and fans when needed.  If you’re considering this option, we recommend investing in intermittent baffles. These will keep the air low, which will cool the animals as a result.

Hybrid Ventilation

Hybrid Ventilation is a mix of natural and power ventilation. Under this model, natural ventilation is used in the winter, and power ventilation is used in the summer.

Need Help With Your Ventilation System? Call CHA Pole Barns!

We are expert Pole Barn builders. If you’re not sure which ventilation system you need, then we can help you decide. If you have an idea of what you want to do, but require skilled hands to implement it, we can help with that too. For all of your pole barn needs, we’ve got you covered. Contact Us today!




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