3 Things to Consider Before Building a Pole Barn House

If you want to quickly build a new home and have design flexibility while keeping costs down, a pole barn house can be an excellent choice. The options are virtually endless.

Design Choices and Exterior Appearance

A pole barn has poles driven into the ground or anchored above ground that support the roof. Unlike a stud-wall house, a pole barn home doesn’t have any load-bearing walls. That gives the owner incredible flexibility when it comes to deciding how to divide the interior into rooms, as well as the ability to choose an open floorplan. Pole barn houses can have one or more floors, and even a basement for extra storage space. A garage can be attached if necessary. A variety of window and door styles can be chosen.

Pole barn homes can have a wide range of exterior covering materials. Wood and metal siding are two of the most common choices, but stone and cement panels are other options. Some homeowners prefer to have the exterior of the house look like a modified barn, while some pole barn homes don’t resemble barns at all.

Quick and Easy Construction

Building a pole barn house is much faster and simpler than constructing a typical house. It can be too complicated for most people to do themselves, however, so you will probably have to hire a builder or contractor for the construction. Still, if your goal is to move into your new home quickly, choosing a pole barn house kit could dramatically speed up the process.


A pole barn kit includes all the materials and plans needed to build a house. Since an architect doesn’t need to be hired to draw up plans from scratch and materials don’t need to be purchased from multiple sources, a pole barn can be a much more affordable option than designing and constructing a traditional house.

Consider the Benefits of a Pole Barn House

Pole barn homes are becoming increasingly popular among people who want to quickly and affordably build a house. Pole barns offer incredible design flexibility because of the lack of load-bearing walls. If you want to build a new home quickly, a pole barn house could be your best option.

CHA Pole Barns offers kits with a wide range of designs that can be customized to meet your specific needs and preferences. We can also construct the building for you so you can be confident that the work was done right. Contact us today to learn more.

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